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What is Hypertufa


Hypertufa is an artificial stone material that is made of several different aggregates and mixed with portland cement in order to create pots, planters, stepping stones and more. It is much lighter than cement but can still withstand harsh weather conditions. It is primarily used as garden art and is fairly easy and fun to make. Hypertufa garden art and molds

How to Create Hypertufa Pots

You first have to blend a sufficient batch of the material so you have enough for the speficic project you have in mind. This involves picking the best recipe (or experimenting with your own variations), creating, finding or buying the molds for the pots you want to make and then moving on to actually making the pots. You can read more about Hypertufa pots here.

The Basic Hypertufa Recipe

You will find much more info on our “Hypertufa Recipes” page but the most basic recipe involves mixing 1.5 parts of perlite, 1.5 parts of peat and 1 part of Portland cement.

Making Hypertufa Troughs and Planters

The process here is almost the same as for making pots. You will need different molds to suit your needs and you might have to use a slightly different recipe to have the material better fit the size and form of the trough or planter. Read more regarding Hypertufa planters here.

Where Can I Get Molds

There are all kinds of items that can be used as molds, everything from tupperware to halloween masks can be used. A lot of times you can find items around the house that can be used as molds to make some very interesting projects.

What Materials Will I Need

The materials needed include Portland Cement, Peat Moss, Perlite, and sometimes cement coloring if desired. These materials can easily be found at hardware stores, bought online, or sometimes even at a Wal-Mart.
Hypertufa planter with flowers

What Kind Of Things Can I Make

What you would like to make is pretty much up to you. Some examples would be Hypertufa Stepping stones, planters, bird baths & feeders and even totem poles.

Where Can I Learn To Make My Own Hypertufa Garden Art

Claudia Brownlie has a great tutorial for learning the art of Hypertufa. She gives inspiration for making everything from troughs, pots and ponds to sculptures like fountains, spheres and statues. Or maybe you need a special bench or lantern for your patio?
Her book explains the process of how to do it in detail and includes all of the tips and tricks. You can check out her website by clicking here!

The Hypertufa How-To Manual by Claudia Brownlie.

The Hypertufa How-To Manual ebook

Learn all of the best tricks to make your Garden and Lawn Art the envy of all your neighbors.
Click here to visit Claudia”s website!