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5 Useful Gadgets For Gardening Enthusiasts

There are thousands of products for sale in the gardening niche, ranging from grow bags to raised garden beds.

While most of the products are run-of-the-mill necessities that you’ll need such as compost and potting soil, below you’ll find 5 gadgets that are quite interesting.

1. Soil pH meter

A soil pH meter is a very important gadget for checking on the pH value of the soil in your garden. Even if you’re using a grow bag or a raised bed, the soil needs to be at a pH value ranging from 6.0 to 7.0.
If the soil is too acidic or alkaline, it’ll be tough for the plants to flourish because the soil is not optimal for growth. The Atree soil meter is an excellent and affordable investment that you can’t do without.

2. Seeding square

If you’ve ever wondered how far to space your seeds from each other, this seeding square template is the answer to your question. Just by placing this template on your soil, you’ll know exactly where to plant your seeds so that you prevent overcrowded plants… or plants that are spaced too far apart.
When your plants are spaced at just the right distance, less soil will be exposed. So, there’s less water evaporation.
It’ll also be easier to spot weeds, since there is enough space between the plants to see if any new weeds are taking root. The goal here is to space your plants just nice – not too near and not too far.
The Seeding Square tells you exactly where to plant the seeds. Perfect!

3. Sprinkler controller

You’ll only need this if you’re using an automated sprinkler system. The Rachio model is brilliant. Not only can it be used with Alexa, but the system is very intuitive.
It takes into account the weather, the seasons, etc. and knows just when to turn on the sprinklers. This will not only reduce your water bill, but it’ll ensure that your soil is not too wet.
You have to see it here to appreciate just how useful this sprinkler controller is.

4. Protective plant cloche

Imagine watching your little seedlings starting to grow today only to return tomorrow and see that it has garden pests on it… or maybe the wind or rain has been so strong that the little sapling is flattened. This is a very real possibility.
This can be easily prevented by using the SYITCUN Protective Plant Cloche. The dome shaped cover is clear and lets in light, but is also weather resistant. No winds are going to blow your saplings down.
Birds and pests will not be able to reach the plants either. There are air vents on the dome for ventilation. Your plants will NOT suffocate. This is an excellent plant protector.

5. Silicone thumb knife

It’s usually the little gadgets that are the most interesting. A testament to the saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.
The Glenber thumb knife is a perfect example of this. If you’ve ever wanted to pick your vegetables or prune small branches without yanking them off or using pruning shears, this thumb knife is extremely handy and safe to use.
It’s like a rubber thimble with a blade… and you can easily pick your vegetables without a shears. Watch the video here to see how nifty it is.
These 5 gadgets will be useful for most gardeners. While they may not be as fancy as the latest tablet or video game console, when it comes to gardening, they’ll save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.
Do look at the products… and you’ll find them all very interesting.
And while you’re at it, do check out the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Tent. It’s especially fun if you live in an apartment.
Happy shopping!