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The Best Hypertufa Recipes


The best many hypertufa recipe is not a single recipe but rather one unique to your particular project . Listed below are some recipesthat are useful, pretty easy to follow and can serve as a starting point for your garden projects.

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The Basic Hypertufa Recipe

The basic Hypertufa recipe version A, comprises of the following constituents. There are 1.5 parts of perlite, 1.5 parts of peat and 1 part of Portland cement. In this, white Portland cement is to be used. This is the advisable recipe in case; the person desires a capability to carve a design or pattern in the tufa. This mixture can be worked upon when it is sufficiently damp. This can prove to be an excellent basic granite look product.

Hypertufa Recipes without Perlite

A basic Hypertufa recipe version B, comprises of the following ingredients. There are 1.5 parts of vermiculite, 1.5 parts of peat and 1 part of Portland cement. As vermiculite is used in place of perlite, the final product has a somewhat more weight. The vermiculite has a slight sparkle and is good to touch. Similar to recipe A, recipe B also has an ability to be carved.
Hypertufa recipe - stand with boulder

Hypertufa Recipes Ideas for a Stronger mix

Hypertufa recipes using vermiculite

The Hypertufa recipe for added strength consists of 1 part of perlite or vermiculite, 1 part of peat, 1 part of sand and 1 part of Portland cement. It must be noted that in case of this recipe, all the constituents are in an equal ratio. Such a mixture results in a stronger tufa. As compared to recipe A and B, this third type of recipe is slightly heavier. The sand is available in several textures. The selection of the sand has an effect on the final color of the product.

The Hypertufa recipe with fiber mesh for added strength is made up of 1 large handful nylon fiber mesh, 0.5 parts of coarse sand, 1.5 parts of peat moss, 2 parts of perlite and 2 parts of Portland cement. If the dry ingredients of the tufa are taken one cup each, then the amount of fiber mesh should be equal to a tablespoon. In case of this recipe, it must be noted that the fiber mesh may be difficult to procure in the surrounding region. So, it is necessary to approach a local ready mix concrete company. One bag of the fiber mesh would last for a considerable amount of time.

An approximate thumb rule is that 1.5 cubic feet of perlite, 1 cubic foot of compressed peat moss and 30 lbs of Portland cement results in a mixture that is sufficient to make a trough of 8 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. The dry ingredients must be measured in a huge container like a wheelbarrow. For mixing the ingredients, the use of a garden hand trowel, concrete trowel and a shovel is advisable.

Hypertufa Pot and Trough Recipes

For specifics about pot and trough recipes please see this page.

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