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Discover the Benefits of Using a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds make gardening much easier for people who are new to gardening. Below you’ll discover the many benefits of using a raised garden bed … but first… you need to know what a raised-bed is.

* What is a raised garden bed?

A raised garden bed is a wooden box-like structure that sits on top of your garden. It’s like having an open crate on top of your garden soil.
Now, there are many varieties of raised garden beds, but one the most impressive ones we found is the Best Choice Wooden Raised Garden Bed. It has everything you need for a garden bed.
If you prefer to use a fabric garden, you should look at the EZ-GRO Fabric Raised Garden Bed. It’s just as effective and has all the advantages that you’d get from using a grow bag – better aeration, easy drainage, better root structure and so on.
However, a fabric garden bed is not as pretty to the eye as a wooden raised-bed. So, you’ll need to decide for yourself which one suits your preferences.

* The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using a raised-bed is that you’ll not need to prepare the soil in your entire garden. Sometimes, if your soil is too acidic or sandy, trying to make it suitable for planting can be a monumental chore, not to mention the expenses involved.

With a raised garden bed, you can just add your own potting mix and a layer of compost (to make the soil fertile), and start planting once the soil is ready.

There’s also much less work required. Unlike a normal garden where you need to till the soil, with a raised garden bed, you just need to rake it a little with a hand-held rake, just to aerate it.
Over and above that, a raised-bed is easier on your back since it’s higher. You’ll not need to be kneeling constantly. It’ll really help if you have the XSOURCE garden kneeler. You’ll be able to sit and do your gardening, which will be much easier on your joints.

There’s also the chance of having a higher yield when you use a raised-bed. You can have more plants in a smaller space without needing to make way for footpaths, etc.

It’s very easy to keep the different plants separate in the raised-bed by using the Apipi Divided Grid Fabric Beds. A few of these in one garden bed and you can have 8 to 12 different vegetables growing close together while still staying separate.

Another benefit of raised-beds is that since they’re above ground, there’s better drainage. Water will not collect, unlike a normal garden where too much rain or over-watering can cause the soil to become like mud.

Not with a raised-bed it won’t. Being above ground also keeps it less prone to garden pests. One good way to keep pests at bay will be to mix some BioAdvanced Vegetable Insect Control water and sprinkle it around the base of your raised garden bed (on the soil) with a watering can.
By now you’ll realize that raised garden beds are a fantastic cost-effective way to grow your plants and vegetables in a contained space. You can have a beautiful and luscious raised garden bed filled with flowers/vegetables within a couple of months.