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One of the best ways to eat healthy, save money and find some stress relief all at the same time is to start a food garden. You don’t need to have any prior experience with growing food to get started, either. [continue reading…]

Any gardener worth his salt knows that good compost is unparalleled when it comes to feeding one’s soil with nutrients. In fact, several people actually have a thriving business producing compost and selling it to farms. [continue reading…]

Imagine waking up one day and happily strolling to your vegetable garden and seeing a few of your lettuce leaves gnawed off. You’re wondering, “Hmm… how did that happen?” [continue reading…]

People who live in apartments or those in houses with no garden or a small one may wish to grow their own vegetables and feel like there are no options available for them. [continue reading…]

Preparing your soil to plant vegetables is a pretty straightforward and simple task. Simple, but not easy. There is some sweat equity involved… but once your soil is ready, you’ll be amazed at how well your vegetables grow. [continue reading…]

Just about everybody and their neighbor knows that plants need good soil, sufficient water and sunlight to thrive. What’s not so obvious though is how one should fertilize his/her soil so that it’s optimal for growing plants and vegetables. [continue reading…]

Gardening grow bags have seen an increase in popularity over the past decade as more companies are producing bags that are made of better material at a lower cost. There are many advantages of using a grow bag, and there are a couple of disadvantages too. [continue reading…]

The gardening and lawn care niche is a multi-billion dollar niche. To tap into this lucrative and hungry market, many companies are selling thousands of products ranging from grow bags to liquid fertilizer to compost thermometers. [continue reading…]

Raised garden beds make gardening much easier for people who are new to gardening. Below you’ll discover the many benefits of using a raised garden bed … but first… you need to know what a raised-bed is.

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Gardening is a fantastic hobby to have. Not only will you be working with nature, but there’s an immeasurable sense of satisfaction that comes from planting and reaping produce with your own hands. [continue reading…]

There are thousands of products for sale in the gardening niche, ranging from grow bags to raised garden beds.

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Whether you’re growing your food in containers, raised beds or directly into the ground, you need to plan the amount of space the plants need so that your crop can flourish and your harvest be abundant. [continue reading…]

When you decide to start your own garden, there are many different types of things you can grow, from flowers to fruits, herbs and vegetables. [continue reading…]

Many new gardeners mistakenly believe there’s a small window of opportunity for them to grow their own food. [continue reading…]

Whenever people think about becoming a gardener, they start watching videos from experts and see huge gardening beds filled with thriving plants and bountiful harvests. [continue reading…]

If you want your garden to succeed, there are many things you have to do to ensure your plants have the best chance to survive and thrive from seed to harvest. If you were only growing one plant, that might be easier to do, but most people grow multiple vegetables, making it harder to regulate everything. [continue reading…]

As a gardener, it’s sometimes frustrating to plant crops where you only have a short window of food provisions. This is fine if you’re growing crops to can or dehydrate for future use. [continue reading…]

There are some people who participate in gardening as a Spring or Summer activity. Then there are those who want to use every available moment of their year to plant, grow and harvest their crops. [continue reading…]

Keeping your vegetable garden watered is just half the battle when it comes to ensuring the survival and thriving of your plants. Too much of a good thing can be damaging, and that includes hydration. [continue reading…]

If you’re growing food for better health and nutrition, then you’re sure to have read about the benefits of getting more greens in your diet. Usually, we picture enormous leafy greens. [continue reading…]

Some newer gardeners panic at the site of any insect, naturally assuming all will be destructive to their food garden. But actually, many insects can provide protection for your garden from the invasive and destructive varieties. [continue reading…]

If you live in one of the zones that have sweltering summer months, you may have noticed that trying to grow a food garden in that heat can put up quite an obstacle for you. [continue reading…]

When it comes to growing your own food, it’s always nice to do the least amount of work with the best return on your harvest. For many, gardening tasks are their source of exercise and stress relief. [continue reading…]

Growing your own food is a wonderful way to achieve better health, soak up more nutrients and enjoy better tasting produce than what’s on the shelves at your local grocery store. [continue reading…]

There are some plants in your food garden that will need to be pollinated. Sometimes, you can do this by hand, but you may want to simply attract natural pollinators like bees to do the work for you. [continue reading…]

When you live in an urban setting, you might be resigned to the idea that gardening isn’t an option for you. But that’s far from the truth and many gardening strategies cater to those living in the city and in small spaces. [continue reading…]

Throughout recent history, many have watched and joked about how human nature is to head to the store and grab up all of the milk and bread whenever a winter storm is approaching. [continue reading…]

In addition to water, the amount of sun your vegetable plants receive is a leading factor in whether or not they will survive and thrive. Before you plant your garden, you will need to map out the hours of sunlight the spot receives so that you know whether to plant vegetables that need full or partial sun there. [continue reading…]

There’s nothing more defeating than taking time to nurture and grow your vegetable plants, only to find that in spite of your care and attention, they’re plagued with mold and mildew. [continue reading…]

Whenever you plan your garden, you have to make sure that aside from the space and soil, water and nutrients your plant needs, you also have to take into account how much sunlight it should get. [continue reading…]

Growing a garden can be filled with many wonderful moments, such as your seed sprouting or the first sign of a vegetable growing on your plant. But there are some tasks you have to take care of that aren’t as pleasant. [continue reading…]