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Making Hypertufa Containers


By Nathan Chesson

It is possible to build Hypertufa containers with things that are not very difficult to get and it is easy for most gardeners to make them, so you can say goodbye to expensive pots and tubs. Apart from its attractiveness, container gardening has other benefits too. It aids in providing perfect conditions and soil mixes for a particular type of plants. They can also be modified to suit the environment by addition of special soil conditioners and fertilizers. These containers are not bulky and can be moved easily from the sun to shade or to shield them from wind and frost. People living in urban areas where garden space is at a premium find these containers most handy and useful.

Hypertufa can blend artistically with other construction material and hence does not stand out in an odd manner. It has a traditional appearance which fits perfectly with the shrubs and plants in a garden and is a natural attraction for mosses and lichens too. The containers are environment friendly and their thick and spongy wall helps in absorbing and retaining water. Air can permeate the containers to reach the roots. These containers work well with various types of plants, especially cacti, alpine plants and succulents.

Hypertufa is an artificial replacement for the Tufa Rock which is a porous cellular rock found in limestone country. The rock becomes absorbent in nature due to the continuous wear and tear action of water on it in the region where it is situated. This gift of nature has been used by man for making pots and tubs for a long time. Its main advantage is its flexibility which makes it worthwhile to be used not only in making pots and tubs but a variety of things like troughs, seats, sculptures, birdbaths, stepping stones and benches. It can be strengthened with appropriate treatment and does not need any specific equipment. It can turn out to be a very creative, unique and cost effective option. All you require is an artistic bent of mind.

Gardening with Hypertufa can be a very rewarding way to work in your yard. To experience much more about Hypertufa please visit this great site.